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My name is Marc,  I've lived in Alaska for 8 years now.  Just returned from a tour of duty in Korea for a year.  Now that I'm back, and retired from the Air Force, I try to get out and fish as much as I can before I find a job next year.  I'm usually found out on Sand lake during the weekdays, so if you see me say Hi.


My Name is Tim. I moved up here from Albuquerque, New Mexico a little over a year ago. I go to school at UAA. Getting a degree in Air Traffic Control. I did tons of fishing back home for Bass. Once i moved up here I had a hard time switching over to trout and salmon.  I did a little ice fishing last winter but really hit it hard this winter.  I spent my whole summer fishing on the keni and around south central for kings and slivers. My first king was a 55lb monster. So as a bass fisherman it was the biggest fish I have ever caught. Once again switching from bass to trout and salmon is hard and I'm glad theres sites like this for me to ask all my dumb questions.   :)

My name is Zack, Im 18 and have lived and fished Alaska all my life.  I just really got into ice fishing this past year, but have fished extensivly in the summer, mostly for salmon and trout with my newest focus being on fly fishing.  The only lake I've icefished hard is big lake for char(when i was 4 i caught a 7Lb 27incher).  Otherwise i'm just getting started on trying to catch some pike, burbot, and big rainbows through the ice.  I'm usually out fishing a least 3 days a week and have a truck, snowmachine, auger, and all the other necessary ice fishing gear.


Fishin Fireman:
Welcome rgfish, FrozenMarc, gokorn1 and zack64 glad to see our numbers growing on the Alaska Forum. I don't think any one ice fishing in this state will be disappointed for long if they are not catching fish. It happens to everyone and after awhile things will turn around.

You will find tons of info and encouragement when you have  ??? or  :unsure: about anything on here.

Glad to have you and most of all have fun on here and in the outdoors.


Im matt. I live in fairbanks and have lived here for 2 years this time around. tried the south for a year but gave up bikini girls and heat for the bunny boots and cold weather. i moved up here to eielson in 93 and stayed till 2004. got the bucket,jiffy 30,and the eskimo quickfish all i really need is more time off.I love this site! :bow:


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