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Auger size?

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Looking at getting a new electric auger. Trying to decide between the 8 and 10 inch. I have a 10 inch gas now. Thinking about going down to the 8 inch. I have a place on Louise so the size is nice, but even there, most fish would fit in an 8. Turning a fish up a 10 is easier late in the season but since I mostly fish valley lakes a 10 is overkill a lot of the time. Looks like the electric augers do double holes pretty well for when extra diameter is needed. Thoughts?

Started with 8" hand auger, went to 10" gas then to 8" electric and now back to 10" Ion G2.

leave the 10" at louise and use the 8 inch electric in the and early season on louise. thats what i would do. Are they running sleds up on louise yet?

Not sure. They weren't quite there last week for cross-lake. With cold weather they must be getting close. I think some of the bays are good to go. Been seeing some pictures of fish. Work party to mark trails later this month.

I would say go with an 8 in.
If you already have a 10 in a gas auger that's going to be better for Louise anyway.
 And you don't have to run a generator all night to charge the battery if you're there for a few days.
I have a k drill on a Ridgid octane drill. Picked up brand new on a half price clearance sale locally.
It works great and the 7.5" hole is good for the rainbows, landlocked salmon, and dolly varden I'm fishing in the early season.
My dad's got a place on lake Louise as well and when I go there I just bring my 10-in gas auger.
Anytime I'm fishing lake trout or Pike I like to use the bigger auger.


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