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Chris lived in Kotz for quite a while.
He helped my buddy from Soldotna out when he did a trip up that way for sheefish.
I heard from Dennis that Chris has moved to ER now.
Chris has been pretty quiet since marriage and kiddies.

ya i know those guys  used to frequent this site but i think they got chastised by a few people on here and got sick of it. Or they just put most of their content on facebook now since thats where all the crowds hang out. i dont see them post up on any of the forums any more.

Rex in OTZ:
If your comming out to OTZ remember to check the City Kotzebue web sight on Covid mandates
same with NWAB borough website about the quarentine requirements
, just month ago temps were in the -30's.
OAT temps run the -1's and -10's
In 5 days we have had 4 of winds over 25mph and forcast to blow and snow again and the 10 day forcast is up and down today was -11F when I checked 6am.
Reports of a few folks catching a handfull, still nothing steady or reliable as the schools migrate (Kobuk Lake is a big place aka Hotham Inlet)
Reports been patchy, folks report catching up at the mouth of the Noatak River(WTK) some fish over by Crowley Dock the outter edge of the channel where is slopes to shallows.
And reports of people catching at Pipe Spit (thin ice area) but spotty.
Nelsons camp where the creek mouth feeds into Kobuk Lake is a good spot.
Some have gone south down the Baldwin Pen to fish by Calahan Cabin and some venture east out onto Selawik Lake.
Be prepaired to have to travel 20 miles, have tackle with 80-100 lb test, must have a gaff, have enough line (48') 8 fathom's you can fish the trench, braided spider line, but most places you might fish 3-4 fathoms.
Most times you see folks use a 4" gold Dr Spoon.
Ive also had good luck with 4" Red Devil
Can see what KIC ACE Hardware stocks or Rotmans Store, alaska commercial company has never really been tuned into local fishing so dont expect to find much at AC.
Dress warm, can still expect -17 and winds up to 15mph.
Leave your 8" ice auger home.
Bring the 10"
Ice chisel, hole scoop, and a can-do attitude and lots a cash.
I think KIC still rents snowmobiles.
Check the Kotzebue Facebook posts.

we were actually up there Sunday-thursday, just got back yesterday. Did most of our fishing on the north/east end of kobuk lake. We tried pikes pt and the mouth of the noatak but only pulled up cod in those areas. got all of our fish on the noth/east side of the kobuk lake ended up with 16 with the average fish being around 15 pounds and our biggest was 20 pounds, so no monsters but enough to keep it fun. It was quite the adventure going out in extreme white out conditions and traveling across kobuk lake is no joke when its like that. of course when we left thursday it was bluebird out. in the 3 days of fishing i think we put on about 170 miles. We will be doing it again but it will probably be a mid april trip next time.

That looks like a fun trip.  What were you guys using?  Im going to have to do that in a couple years.  I cant do it next year because of a trip Im already planning but 2023 for sure.  Oh and did you bring any home and were they good eating?


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