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Bushwhack Jack:
That's freaking awesome!  Sheefish is high up on my bucket list.  My wife and I floated the Kobuk River once and the rain was so bad we got flooded out and had to evacuate down to Kobuk village because there were no dry places to camp or sleep along the river.  I was pretty bummed out but vowed to make it back some day to try to catch some eskimo tarpon!  Good job Kwackillncrew.

used 4-5" spoons mostly. caught one on a big tube jig. The best spoon was a 4" sliver spoon that had a rattle on it along with a 2" mister twister tail hanging off one of the trebles. haha no idea why that was working but that set up caught majority of the fish. They hit pretty decent and the fight leaves a little to be desired but that might be because we were getting them in 5' of water. Caught loads of tom cod as well. probaby should have kept some of them for the frying pan. Probably do that next time. As rex said the weather when we were up there was no joke. Probably the toughest weather i have ice fished in/navigated in. Only reason i see needing 80 pound line is if you are hand lineing them or if you got a real monster on to help it round the corner to get up the hole. if you bring a gaf make sure you can tie it on to a stick or make sure its atleast 6' long.

Rex in OTZ:
Couple weeks ago.

nice! if we do it again we will be going late april for sure.


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