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Vexilar charger question

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Hello all I've tried to do some research but not seeing anyone else talk about this problem with the vexilar charger.  I have a vexilar flx 28 I just got but when I went to charge it the charger flashes red and green.  I've messed with all the connections and have hooked them up different ways which I did find the wrong way it goes.  I'm just wondering could it be battery from just sitting on the shelf or bad charger or its doing what it's supposed to do. 

Check the support section on Vexilar's website. They may have your answer there.

What type of battery do you have?
I put a lithium in my fl20 and I had to buy a special charger for it.
Batteries do go bad so there is that as well.
Though they usually last a few years.
Do you have a volt meter to check the voltage and the amps?

hardwater diehard:
volt meter ...what voltage ...Do you have the Ultra Pack does have a switch ..must be turned on to run the unit and charge the battery ..Contact Vexilar ..they have good customer service ..If I recall correctly they have replaced batteries for customers for "on the self discharges " Try FB Msg ..Email ...and/or call

some good video ..but does not answer your question

hardwater diehard:
The first 30 seconds of this video tells you the battery voltage


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