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Lake Louise report thread 2020/2021

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Time to start thinking of dragging the shack out.  The lake has been iced over since Saturday and with the temps the way they are Iím hoping to drag out the shack in another week or two depending on my schedule.  I hope the three of you that still look at this forum had a good summer and I hope to see you on the ice.

My dad's been watching the camera at the lodge pretty regularly.
He's hoping he can get there in a couple of weeks and take his snowmachine out to the cabin.
Hopefully the overflow is not to bad this year.
I've still got some lake trout lures to get made.

Bushwhack Jack:
Speaking of LL, does anyone know how thick the ice is yet out there?

No clue, itís gotta be on its way, though.  Starting to see decent ice on some bigger bodies of water down here in Mat-Su.  Havenít been out, yet, with a spudder.  Hoping to poke a few holes soon, though.

Bushwhack Jack:
I heard Glennallen is supposed to heat up to 37 today.  I sure hope this sloppy weather doesn't bring overflow.  I was really optimistic for an overflow free season with all the recent cold we have had.  I sure hope this little warm spell doesn't ruin things out there.


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