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Problems with catching bluegill.


I went fishin today and saw several 5-8 inch blugill.  I caught only 3 of several bluegill.  I used a orange size 12 jig at first but changed to a dark purple one cause I think the orange was spooking them.  I used mousies and they would come up close but then turn away, i used wigglers and got three but others wouldn't even stop they just kept swimmin.  I had 2 lb test.  6 feet of water.  I jigged the bait inch-2 inche intervals.  Then when they came close, i lifted it or lowered it to there depth then i either jigged it slowly and lighty or just let it sit still.  What was i doin wrong?

Hey Froze,

You probably weren't doing a dang thing wrong.  I've been fishing in WI since Thanksgiving day, and have yet to find anything that works.  The only suggestion that I can give based on my luck so far is that size does matter.  Go small.  Size 14 at the largest.  Don't use a whole waxie or mousie.  Break off anything that isn't necessary to cover the wire.  I've been using dark colored marmooskas and that's about all I can get to work.  Black seems to be the best.

In 6' of water you really can't do much with your presentation.  The only thing to remember is don't stop what you were doing to bring the fish in the first place.  I'm guessing you were sight-fishing by your post.  If the fish came in to a jigging bait, and when they get close you stop jigging, it can turn them off.  Keep jigging.  Just tone it down a little.  Keep the jig moving, just make the movements smaller so they've got a change to inhale it.

Take this all with a few grains of salt.  After all, I've been fishing for 2 months and still haven't caught more than a dozen panfish in one outing.


Ive been having good luck using custom jigs and spins shrimpo jig tipped with a grub.  If you have a vexilar drop it down to about a foot above the fish and just irradically shake it, kind of like you are shivering.  Id say no more than an inch then pause for about 10--15 secs.  Hopefully fish should suck it in.  You do have to really watch your line though because they wont really nail it hard but sometimes just suck it in and stay there.  By the way ive been using pink in clear water

It might not be dinner time yet did you try right before dark?


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