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When fishing gets tough for bluegills

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When the fishing gets tough for bluegills try 1lb test line and no.12 chartruse green jig tipped with a waxworm for better action. Change your jigging motion to trigger fish that won't bite. Slow : Raise or lower jig 1/2" to 1/4" at a time very slowly in the zone where you think the fish are. Fast: Jig hard and fast above the fish zone then slowly lower letting it drop free fall the last couple of inches. High: During March and April Wisconsin late ice bluegills can be found less than 1 foot under the ice.


i use a small rat finky tipped with a freshwater shrimp the gills go nuts

Crappie Hunter,
What is a rat finky? Who is it sold by? Do you like a certain color? I'm always looking to try something new. Does this method catch crappie too?


Rat Finkies are made by Custom Jigs and Spins.
They work for most panfish and perch.  The Shrimpos are good too.

i always find my biggest blue gills on the out side edge of a large weedy flat.  Light (1-2lb test) line, and very small jigs are a must.  usually i end up in about 10-14 feet of water by midwinter.  Also, the blue gills will suspend, come later in the winter.  thats when you need electronics, or a darkend fish shelter.


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