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Problems with catching bluegill.

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I went fishin today and saw several 5-8 inch blugill.  I caught only 3 of several bluegill.  I used a orange size 12 jig at first but changed to a dark purple one cause I think the orange was spooking them.  I used mousies and they would come up close but then turn away, i used wigglers and got three but others wouldn't even stop they just kept swimmin.  I had 2 lb test.  6 feet of water.  I jigged the bait inch-2 inche intervals.  Then when they came close, i lifted it or lowered it to there depth then i either jigged it slowly and lighty or just let it sit still.  What was i doin wrong?

Did you have any waxxies ??? Try keeping mobile. :'( Fish are gonna hit sooner or later. Have done better on waxworms for gills then other baits most of the time. The orange jig for me is usually what I go to. Believe it or not sometimes they want the smallest jig you can buy then other times they want something larger. The easiest way is to have 3 to five rods rigged differenty and at least one should be a tandem rig. I sometimes have up to 8 rods in my box at any given time. Minimum no less then 4 rods. If you can afford it. It is not much cash to shell out for a half way decent rod and reel. :) My fishing partner uses three in a row of different size and colours. He slams the fish sometimes on that also. I believe the more options you have on board the better chance you have of catching them and I do not even use tip-ups......If I did I would need 2 sleds :P Try rapidly jigging and stopping then repeat and vary on 1 rod while you try leaving another rod idle in another hole close by. 8) Hope I was of some help to you. :D My fishing partner fat_boy may chime in on this thread later with some good advice for you :)
Good luck and tight lines :'( :'( :'(

Thank you very much i'll have to give that stuff a try.

You are quite welcome. ;D The more stuff you try the better you get. It's almost as fun loading up on tackle  ;D ;D ;D       I can tell you that for a fact  8) You can go nuts buying all the gear but sometimes you need it when the bite gets really tough :'( :'( :'(

Dr. BlueGill:
I agree with gens.  Waxworms seem to be the ticket for gills.


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