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An underwater camera would answer lots of questions.

I tried my aqua vu, it is a pretty cloudy pond. Saw some largemouth in there but couldn't see the gills. Hope they all didn't die out. I know there were a ton in there late summer early fall. Not enough largemouth to clean em out either.

They may have switched to a night bite then. If you’ve checked all the depths and known spots Throughout the day, then try an hour before or till after dark and see how you do.

Try up in the mid-flats in the 4-7 foot area.  If it is a classic, upside down V-shaped farm pond, I have the most luck finding concentrations of fish in the mid-depth areas not anywhere near the deep side where the dam is.

Although they never really hit it, I often have a live minnow down just to garner some attention from the bluegills.

Another option is to try something really aggressive with rattles to get attention, like a Rapala Rippin Rap.  Use that to attract curious fish, then seal the deal with a normal bluegill offering.

Otters? Wouldn't take them long to clean out a pond that size.


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