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Need some help finding gills in a friends pond. It is less then a half acre pond with a max depth of 10 feet. Last season it didn't matter where I drilled, I was finding fish. This season, I can't even buy a gill. I have swiss cheesed the ice and not been able to mark a fish. I am the only one that fishes this pond through the ice. What am I doing wrong?

A half acre and 10' deep is really nothing more than big puddle. You say you're the only one who ice fishes it but what about soft water? Could be fished or froze out.

I'm only one that fishes it soft water as well. It is in a friends yard. He doesn't fish anymore so I just go up to control the gill population. I know I haven't fished it out.

Possible winter kill or something like pesticides got into it?

Highly doubt pesticides. It is in a person's yard well away from where anything would be sprayed. They were there before ice up and now I can't find em


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