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Born Late:
Sure would like to see a similar study conducted here with our perch.


Interesting video with some solid advice thrown in, thanks for sharing!

That was a great video, very informative.  You should repost this in the main page (not just the MT page.)  Thanks for posting.

Excellent! It also seems like they get disoriented badly too. A good shove upright down the hole helps them get moving. I've seen fish that were just set back on the water lay there and not move, until you give them a head start back down. Reminded me of a horse that got tired and just gave up and would just lay down and die if you didn't make em get up!

I can't remember if I posted this last year or not. The organization below is for Gulf of Mexico fishermen, but they had no problem mailing the descenders to me in Montana. I did have a florida fishing trip lined up and needed the gear, but regardless saving fish is saving fish. There's a survey and some other stuff to fill out and they ship it to you. It's basically a fish lip gripper with a pressure switch to open it.

If you think belly up perch under the ice is bad, you need to see a chum line of 10# plus red snapper and red grouper floating off the back of the boat because they are out of season and the mates aren't making sure the anglers are venting them right. I used my descender for mine and it really did not slow me down at all. Was wild because the mates were activley trying to discourage me from using it and wanted me to vent the fish instead.

Lots of science resources on barotrauma too.


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