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Hey all,  I've been out of the ice fishing game for about 13+ years now..  Now that my kids are old enough, they are becoming really interested in the outdoors and we are going to start back into ice fishing.  With that said, I don't even know what happened to all of my gear (lost, broken or outdated), and a lot of my ice fishing knowledge.. Either way, I need to build my gear back up, from poles, auger, lures, etc..

A little background : I live south of Missoula.  Probably don't want to travel too much farther than Helena (a couple of hours away).  My kids ages range from 4-15 years old.  I have previously enjoyed fishing for trout, perch, salmon and pike (tip-ups).  The main lakes I've fished at have been Georgetown, Upsata, Browns (never had any luck there).

So far, I have an eskimo 949ig ice hut.  Thinking I should probably pick up a vexilar or some sort of finder.  Still need an auger, poles, lures, line .. pretty much everything.  (if you have anything for sale and live somewhat close by, give me a shout and I might be interested).

If you have any advice & recommendations on gear that you like to use for certain species, or locations you're willing to offer me and my kiddos, we would greatly appreciate it, Thank you!

hardwater diehard:
Keep an eye on this thread ...check daily and dont dilly dally ...most if not all of the Black Friday deals are gone ...marked back up to regular/previous pricing. I am expecting some decent Cyber Monday deals to drop later today/tomorrow

These retailers in the past have gotten a lot of my money in the past Blaclk Friday/Cyber Monday deals

Mills Fleet Farm

L&M Fleet Supply

Are you in a current battery platform ..Dewalt...Milwaukee may be able to build upon that for an ice auger set up ?

Ronnie D:
Check FB & Craigslist , I've p/u some nice equipment & it's  usually  from someone  who doesn't  have any use for it so the $$ are nice

Get an electric auger! They are expensive but so worth it! I got tired of hand augers and we t to gas. The  got tired of gas and went to propane. Propane was heavy and sucks in really cold weather. I sold that and went with an electric hammer drill and 8" auger for awhile but my drill kept over heating. Finally pulled the plug on a 10" electric and love it!! Light, quiet, and hasn't failed me yet.

some sort of electronics help for sure. If nothing else, they give you something to focus on when there is no bite. Costco will usually some decent ice fishing rods at the beginning of the season. staying warm, dry and safe is a must. I pack a throw rope with me and have ice picks in my pockets. Flotation bibs and jackets are great if you can afford them.


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