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ATV or Sled For the ICE? - Whatchu Got?

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Holy cow Farley!  What the???  Explain the story on that one!

ATV's are great for year around use, but tough in the back country.  Snow gets too deep and the sled comes out.  I used to run chains on my ATV all winter.  CHains work great as long as the snow depth stays below say 1 ft. or at least hard packs on top of the ice...  Up here it only stays in powder form, so ATV's are worthless most of the winter.

Just picked up a 2009 Polaris 550XP in MOBU and it did good during deer season.  It will make it nice going out further on the lakes

Trooper Bri:
For those of you that can't afford a tank, here's another option. Thin ice isn't a problem either.  ;D

That is quite the vehicle Trooper.  :o


hey we got one of those except its alot smaller good for pullin houses


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