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multipule jigs on one line?

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I am new to south dakota just moved from minnesota.  I was wondering if you are aloud to fish with multiple jigs on one line.  I wanted to try minnow on a plain hood and small jig with a waxie about a foot up the line.

Have to check your fishing laws.
Here in Ct. we're allowed 6 rigs (tip-ups + rods) and 3 hooks on a line.

I have looked at the reg book but I am still not sure.

I've caught thousands of perch with the same idea. I tie a dropper off the chain of a hali. Minnow on the hali hook grubs on the dropper. Bar none the greatest thing I've ever tied on.

Looks like you can have up to 3 hooks per line.  And a rapala or darter would only count as one hook even if it has multiple hooks attached to it.


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