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What do you use for oil in your ATV

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ice dawg:

--- Quote from: Sluggo on Nov 14, 2008, 05:46 AM ---I am usually an Amsoil booster but............ I had to stop running it in my 01 Cat.  The 0W-40 says that it's ok for wet clutch applications but after a few oil changes with it I was starting to notice gear slippage and blow by coming out the exhaust.  I have now gone back to the factory Cat oil. It seems to have a little more "traction" in it. (lol, not usually a desireable oil property)

Amsoil = too good for my machine.

--- End quote ---

Are you using Arctic Cat 0W40 synthetic now instead of Amsoil?

Yes,  the Cat stuff is 0W40.

I use spectro oil,they claim to have the highest service rating in the industry,set by the API.amsoil,has 3 different synthetic oils,but the dealer cant tell me why 1 is better or worst than the other?also i was told that amsoil is a amway product,not a fan of pyramid sales.

Amsoil is based in Superior Wisconsin, and to the best of my knowledge is not connected to Amway in any way.

Amsoil only has one brand of 0W40 for ATVs

I allways run Valvoline 10-40 atv in my 03 Foreman (4000mi.) never any clutch slippage or blow by.  The dealer warned me not to run fully synthetic.  You may be able to run synthetic in a Sportsman because they're no wet clutches.  A Rubicon has multiple wet clutches and would use extreme caution with synthetic oils.


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