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What do you use for oil in your ATV

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I rock amsoil synthetic 10w40 in my 450r


--- Quote from: Farley on Nov 22, 2008, 05:12 PM ---I think arctic cat atv's have belt drive CVT transmissions NO WET CLUTCHES!

--- End quote ---

Lots of Cat's have the semi automatic, shaft driven, wet clutch transmission.  Just not the new ones.  Mine is a 2001 300cc.

ice dawg:
Before I bought my Cat a looked at just about all brands except Can AM. The local Honda dealer tried to tell me that Honda is the only ATV with a wet clutch. I like Hondas, but not liars. When I went to pick up my cat a guy drove in and said "I just came from the Honda dealer and didn't like the way he talked. I want that Cat 5oo Auto.". I guess I'm not the only one around here that doesn't like BS.  ;)

I love honda but going to the dealer and talking to someone is down there on the list with going to the dmv

Honda lost out on a sale from me just from the way I was treated at the dealership. The sales manager talked to me like I was 2 years old, so I said I am going to the Polaris dealer. I went over there and bought a 500HO Sportsman that day. Some people will just never realize that customer service is a big part of the sales process.  ::)   ::)


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