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getting unstuck

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Snow shovel and plenty of time. ;D

Good tires are the key, get a good all terrain tread. Those "SUV" tires are meant to ride nice and be quiet, not provide maximum traction.

Reminds me of a time when Big Pete and I were up near the U.P. of MI snow belt on Big Sand meeting some friends to help pre-fish the lake. We saw a couple vehicles out one way, of course the trail didn't head that way we wanted. Thinking well it can't be too bad being there are a few out, Pete guns his truck at the boat landing and we hit the lake hard. After about 1/2 mile we were losing our head of steam pretty fast and then she dropped and we were hung up good.

Guess what? No shovel. We dug the truck out with out ice skimmers! Used firewood, boards, and floormats under the wheels.

Took some battle to get it moving, we proceeded to back our way off the lake in the same tracks. Ended up following the other trail out and did get on some good walleye fishing. Like skipper said always carry a shovel and I like to have a small bucket of sand. You can use your floormats for traction also, With chains on I've dug into the ice until vehicle sat on the frame then it's time to jack up the vehicle and put whatever you have under the wheels to get it raised up a bit. All part of the good fun of ice fishing.


thats hilarious. ive done the skimmers before but never had it as bad as the chain incident.

if ya have access to a wood burning stove in somones shack the ash works for traction. but if you'r going a ways out or alone deffinetly plan for everything and anything.

Master Angler:
You could attach a winch cable to a decent sized metal or wood post/pole in a hole drilled in the ice.  I am thinking of carrying a good sized wooden fence post (8") this season then I can use my come along to it if I need too.  I was also thinking of getting a specially made metal device at a local welding shop - a solid metal post with a series of support rings around it to fill up a 10" hole to make it solid.  Then I would drill a hole but not all the way through and but it in.    I've been stuck lots on the ice too, and want something possibly a little easier.  The good thing about being stuck on the ice though is you are never really stuck too bad unless you are in slush.  I had it down to a science with my old truck which had low clearance and I would always get hung up on the frame, but it would never take me more than a half hour to clear all the snow away and get moving again.  I've done it all floor mats, boards, tree branches, chain, etc for traction, and axes to bust up snow at times when I didn't have a shovel.


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