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snot rocket:
bullhead are yummy!!!

             Snot Rocket

they are my favorite fish to eat.  Once you learn how to skin them properly you can clean them in less than a minute.  No hidden bones and sweet tasting meat.  If I'm going to eat my catch they are what I target!

We used to have a bull head tree in the back yard.  Dad would nail their heads to the tree and pull the skins off with plyers.  Quite the site seeing 20-30 2-5 lb bulls nailed to that old cottonwood.  There were always a few swimmin around in the horse trough to eat the skeeters and they lasted forever.  Tasted pretty much like catfish.  Little eggwash, seasoned cornmeal, hot grease and you've got a great meal.


--- Quote from: basskiller46 on Feb 12, 2008, 05:14 PM ---I read this thing from the dnr website that carp are a pretty healthy fish in some lakes

--- End quote ---
We always fished the Big Manistee every spring for 30 years, eat all the suckers we could catch; can some, fry some of the bony things, smoke the rest. I have more issues with monosodium glutamate and high fructose corn syrup today than any effects of eating too many bottom feeders. I probably got more lead poisoning from swallowing the 7 1/2 lead shot in birds and squirrels.  To a degree, some of the DNR fish scare is to protect from people fishing too much more so than eating to many fish....oops, can't fish tuesday we ate a mess of fish Saturday... :embarassed:
WYIfish          ........because I catch 'um.

YUM YUM my grand pa Loves to eat them his favorite fish by far I really enjoy eating them too but like all fish I like to catch them more then eat them.


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