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Ice Troll:
Hey guys,
Looking for a report on how well the ice is doing from the recent COLD snap you had. Interested in Gilbert bay and Hell Creek area. Been coming up to your neck of the woods from Wyoming for eight years now. Plan on comming up this year around valentines day for eight days. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.

Ice Troll

Bottom bouncer:
I found this [Heard fishing was good towards Nelson but water on ice , weight of snow, pretty hard to get around lately, west end-Hell Creek and Devil's Creek doing well, roads pretty tough thought.]

Don't know if word got down to Wyoming, but somewhere on Peck, 85 antelope from a herd of about 250 fell through the ice and drown while crossing the lake.  I don't know where on the lake the antelope fell thru, but during the rescue attempt, a guy and his kid drove a "four-wheeler" out on the ice in the same area they were pulling dead antelope from the water!  Still, the article in the Billings Gazette said some places on Peck had 8-10 inches of ice and quite a few people were out fishing.  I'm sure you can find some good safe places to fish, just a tale of caution for anyone heading out.

May your ice be hard, clear and thick.

Ice Troll:
Yeah, I heard about the antelope then pulled the article off the web from the Billings Gazette site. It was right near the dam that they took the plunge. What a deal. Thanks for the info though. I have heard they have been getting a bunch of snow up there and most roads are closed. I sure hope that changes by mid february. I would love to fish Gilbert bay again. Thanks guys and if you hear anything new, please let me know

Ice in the main bays is good about 9-13 inches now.  pretty safe and we havent had any cold weather.  We been fishing at bear creek with 4 wheelers.  My buddy caught a nice 10 lbs walleye and i caught a 4 and a couple of 2s and 3s.  Fish are really chunky right now so use smaller minows.  They seem to only want a small bite. not a big minow.  Ice at rock creek and hell creek should be good.  Just we had a lot of snow so the roads might be harder to get in.  The antelope went in on the open top over by duck creek out on the middle.  they were trying to migrate south for less snow cover for food.  Poor things.  Well email me anytime i am always fishing fortpeck all winter long. Can let you know whats going on.  [email protected]



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