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just wondering if there are any good lakes around Laurel for icefishing trout. My brother-in-law lives there and I am planning on visiting thinking about packing some ice fishing gear.

HOw late in the year does the ice keep?
how much is a non res license?
Maybe a link for regulations? :'(

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A really good link to check out is.

It will show you all the regs and permit prices you need.

Depending on how the weather holds I've done ice fishing into April.  You should have plenty of good ice when you're here, I would bring the fishing stuff along.  And if you're looking for some advice where to go.  Check the internet yellow pages for Billings.  I'm not positive but I would think that there would be some hunting and fishing stores listed.  If there isn't, call the Big Bear sporting goods store and get someone in the fishing department.  

Good luck and enjoy

thanks for the info, I talked to my brother in law last nite and he told me there are plenty of lakes in the RedLodge area, I am checking out all the regs now :)
I cant wait, I fished Stillwater River  just south of Columbus last summer and had a blast with the browns.
I hope the hardwater action is as good as the fly fishin!

Cooney resevoir is only a half hour drive from laurel .It has large walleyes that are hard to catch , and Some pretty good trout that are easy to catch on a good day, however I havent had a good day yet this year.


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