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Catfish hits through the ice

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I caught one jigging this past weekend....there was no real bite...when I raised the rod to jig the jig(that sounds wierd) it set the hook.  Fought pretty good too..

 I was on a school of walleye/white perch on oneida lake last tuesday when a mark come racing up to 4 feet and hit my pimple hard, I fought this fish for 3 minutes or so thinking it was a big walleye, only to see a giant 10-15lb cat that couldn't come close to getting it's head thru my six inch hole. Had to break him off, but what fun! The water was muddy from runnoff! 

i think it depends on the cat fish species. i catch cats all the time and in fact i target them through the ice. a lot of times, i go and check my bait to find a channel cat just hanging out with my bait in his belly. now there are times that i have been spooled and my knot at the end of the tip-up spool was tested. i also catch channel cats on minnows while trying for large mouth dead minnows work the best. i put 2 dead minnows on and let them sit on the bottom which doesn:t take that long at all.i did see a brown bull head come up through the ice this year. if you ask me, catfish in the winter is a little odd, catfish through the ice is a little odd, and the catfish being active in the day time is a little odd!!

When and how do you catch your cats? I fish in VT, and I've never caught one. I get them through open water, but I'd like to get some through the ice.

Carmifisher you should head to the southern part of Champlain. Plenty of big hogs down there. Hunk of white perch or gill on the bottom. With 15 jacks out you can usually pick off some nice ones. 10inch hole is a must.


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