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Catfish hits through the ice

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Looks like wyoming is the place to ice cats this year. Can anyone prove me wrong this year!

jumbo chaser:
My biggest on ice was this year 42" barely fit threw the hole  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D LOL

i just found this site its great now im hoping to try some of the catfish tips that i have read on here ,now im hpping there is plenty of ice this year to try them out. what time of day do cat bite better through the ice

as far as catfish go, i've only really gotten into them a couple times on ice. once it was a bunch of 1# and smaller fish hitting a blue northland buck-shot spoon tipped with a wax worm. i got lucky and dropped my camera down a hole next to a big sunken tree in 10 FOW, it was absolutely stacked with them. the second time i was fishing tiny jigs for panfish, and i hooked what i thought was a nice bass. looking back, it pulled off around 50 yards of line before spitting the hook, and i've never heard of bass doing that, especially without shaking their head or really doing much of anything except pull.
my rule for selective harvest is to keep a maximum of four of the smaller fish, 1# or less. the fillets are much more tender and flavorful, and they aren't as necessary as the bigger cats are for the spawn.


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