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Catfish hits through the ice

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Catfish, for me at least, seem to just sit on it and then start to leave. Its like they put all of there weight on it. Do they hit like that for you guys?
Also, if you get one on a tipup it can really take a lot of line, and sometimes if your really concentrating on jigging you might not see the tipup immediately. Do you guys think that tying a slip knot might at least help hook the fish and at least hinder it enough so it doesnt take all of your line? I will also post this on the tipup forum

Trophy Hunter:
Cats have a very good sense of taste if you got gas on your hands from the auger i suspect they might taste it and thus drop er fast my guess is that they taste something unpleasent.I personally wouldn't target cats through the ice around here(manitoba)late fall when ice is forming on the banks and the water gets cold the cats basically shut er down and I have accidentally foul hooked big cats dragging ajig slowly across bottom fishing for walleyes and they came in like a log and took an extremely long time to revive.It's too hard on them and I would imagine a lot would die after being released. :(

Around here catfish seem easier to catch than pike through the ice. I have caught the bulk of mine on deadbaits on tipups, but my brother caught one with a jigging rap and cutbait through the ice one day too. They seem to settle into the deepest areas of a lake and they really concentrate. Even if most aren't active, the sheer numbers would make for great fishing. But if they act like it's stressing them out, don't target them. Usually when they hit they grab a bait and run with it, but that is on tip ups and I haven't caught them on jigging lures, but I know that they will hit those. Open water fishing, they usually grab a natural bait and then eat it and swim off. Overall they do a similiar thing through the ice on tip ups.


everytime iv caught a cat though the ice they grab the bait and sit there, dont set the flag till you go and check the bait.  -moose

i have a under water camera and it shows the cat fish swim with its head in the mud and its tail is almost straight up.


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