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Hello all,

How has everyone been doing this year on the ice? There hasnt been alot of talk so far, so I though I would spark a conversation to see who was catching what where.

Weve been out about three times. The first of the year was to a local state park lake, no luck-but we were only out about 2 hours in the afternoon--not too much for the peak time of the day.

The second outing was great. We basically got spoiled. We were on a private lake up in the Swan valley and caught at least 75 14-16" rainbows between 5 of us in about 5 hours!! These are the trips that can make the rest of the year frustrating!

The third was last weekend at Canyon Ferry-Silos area. Not good. It was very very very cold. Fishing sucked. Everyone I talked to was not doing very good. Oh well, it was better than work!

Would love to hear some other reports! Good luck now that we are finally getting some GOOD ice!!!!!


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