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Has anyone heard any fishing reports from Cooney Resivoir.  I heard the ice is around 10".  I was planning on going this weekend.  

Where is Cooney Reservior???

Cooney is about 40-50 miles southwest of Billings, or about 20 miles north of Red Lodge.  Last year they stocked about 250,000 trout and about 50,000 walleye.  

I think it gets hit pretty hard in the summer from anglers though.  

Im with you now. That area of the state is beautiful. Sorry...cant help you with you original question though, its a little too far of a jaunt from Helena to Red Lodge!  Good luck...let me know how you do if you make it down. The good thing is that you probably wont have near the fishing "traffic" like you would in the summer!

A couple of friends of mine went fishing there (cooney) on sunday   real cold and didnt catch s##t  :-X does any body out there spear fish if so where?


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