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I am thinking of purchasing land on Rush Lake in Otter Tail County MN

Any info anybody can share about this lake?



i fish rush mor then any other lake around here we have a seasonal campsite out there in the summer and put our fish house out there in the winter.  its one of the more popular lakes around because theres so many different types of fish we mostly fish walleyes but tehres lots of bass, northerns, and panfish too.  tonight we caught 5 walleyes and a couple northerns so i was pretty happy about that

What Is the name of the Resort you have your camper at?

Is the lake crowded in the summer and winter?


the resort where we have our camper is called hidden haven.  its on the west end of the lake along with most of the other resorts.  as far as being crowded its usually not too bad. the worst by far is on fishing opener when you get a bunch of idiots that take 20 minutes to land their boat.  but in the summer on the weekends theres usually not very much boat traffic at all.  everyone thinks they have to go to ottertail to catch walleyes but that lake is real overrated as far as im concerned.  one of the best things about rush lake is that its one of the first lakes around to freeze over and have good enough ice to drive on. ;D

Check out this site for Rush lake info:

They are great there.


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