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CATFISH !!!!!!!!

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thanks for all the helpful info guy's !!!!!!!! ;D

hey look what i found when i did a little search ... ::)

My buddy caught one today that went 26" on a small teardrop tipped with a waxie.  I have found that if you find one there will be more.  I have done pretty good on the res. a few times.

thanks Tucky ......
we catch several on tip ups fishing for other fish ... once in a while we catch one on a swedish pimple fishing for saugeye's ...  26" er would be awesome through that hole ... ;D

On tip-ups I prefer the head half of a roach - step on it with your cleats a few times to tenderize. They also hit on jigging spoons. My 6 year old son caught a 17 inch channel with half a roach last week.

There is  a guy in our club that uses only chicken liver to target cats and does well.

They hit any time of day or night.


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