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goose poppers


My all time favorite while on the ice.

1. Goose cut into thin strips about 3" long
2. Bacon
3. Chopped jalepenos
4. Lawery's mesquite marinade
5. Cheese in a can
6. Toothpicks

The night before place goose strip on strip of bacon place the chopped peppers on the goose. Roll this up and secure with toothpick. Place all the poppers in a glass baking pan and cover with the marinade. put inthe fridge over night. Place in a freezer bag or what ever is handy in the morning. When you are ready to eat place on charcoal grill once the bacon is cooked take off grill spray some cheese on and pop in your mouth.

the only hassle with this is taking along the grill but we usually pull the camper out so it is not to much work.

              james h


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