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Yep you read right......

The night before:
Cube and brown Venison Steak
Season to taste (I use Famous Dave's Burger & Steak)
cool and put in ziplock bag

In another container (I use those crunch proof ones):
1) chopped onion
1) can of baked beans

Out on the lake:
Place contents of both containers in Fry Pan
Heat and Stir

It looks like a mess... the reason for its name, but tastes great!
Sometimes we just heat/eat the steak cubes, w/o the beans.

maybe you could call it STEAK&BEANS.
     OR MEAT & BEANS . going to have to put some
    bread in there too, help fill the cavity.
does sound good though. thanks BIG MEAN.

I bet it sounds good for days!  ::)  Venison and Beans in one dish!  :o Do you have to hang signs to ensure there are no open flames when your fishing after that meal? ;D

Glad to see someone else eats this food. Try a little bar-b-q sauce in your baked beans for added zip. This is great energy food. Pure protien and carbs (heat). Hey if it don't give you gas, you aint eatin right. enjoy. ::) ;D :'(


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