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Camp Potatoe's


1/2lb bacon
4to6 red potatoes sliced thin 1/8" or less with or without skin
1 large sweet onion sliced thin
1 red or green pepper
chopped garlic (to taste)
salt, pepper
In a large fry pan saute' bacon and reserve remove all but about 3tbs bacon fat get hot and add potatoes saute' untill they start to turn brown add pepper and cook about 2 min then add garlic, bacon crumbled, and onion slices cover and saute' untill the onions soften. Salt and pepper to taste
Great with fish fry or venison or anything else.

Man that sounds great! But on a calm night I think I'd be able to hear my arteries harden. :(

Do like I do use lowfat potatoes  ;D If it tastes good it isnt good for you, so if I can't eat good food once in a while deep 6 me now.
Cold Feet


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