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The One:
Has anybody been latley?  I haven't seen any good reports all year.  Please someone tell the ling are biting this year.  Were going on thursday, cam anyone tell me what depth there at this year.  Thanks in advance.

Hi the one! ;) I was up there last week twice and here is my report. I am new to this board also and this is actually my first post. I live in Great Falls.

 "Newlan Res report"
   I was up on Newlan Reservoir on Tuesday, 9 Jan and then again on Friday, 12 Jan. The fishing was real slow and I was hoping for a ling or two. There were quite a few people up there on the 9th but the catching seemed to be slow for most people. ??? I did see one small ling caught in 4 hours on the 9th and one small ling caught on the 12th also as well as a small rainbow. Most people were fishing in 30 to 40 feet of water and the ice was two feet thick :o where I was and on the 12th it was closer to thirty inches thick. :o I did see a couple of trucks driving on the ice over most of the length of the lake. I tried sucker meat, crawlers, on both plain hooks and then on glow headed jigs but nothing seemed to work ???. The rainbows were caught on swedish pimples tipped with maggots and one of the lings was caught on a 1/4 ounce lead head white bodied jig/ pink head tipped with maggots. I am not sure if you are a believer in lunar calenders but this Wednesday thru Friday is supposed to be good fishing.
Good luck if you go,


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