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Cut Bait in Bozeman?



A guy named Bozeiceman, give you a good deal too. Just caught some last night after work. trade you for taking your rig to Georgetown on Feb 2 or 16th? Both Fridays. I'll pay for gas and fill your tank too. What do you say? Serious
I don't have much time this week end but I'll show you where to catch all the suckers you need maybe Sunday....

Beer cold? Hell when we were on Hebgan the Pabst turned to gel. On todays trip it was below zero my beer was frozen solid. Solid I tell you. New meaning to ICE beer. Cold like grab your chipper dipper without a heavy glove and lose skin cold. ESKIMO cold. Eyelashes freezing nostril hair ice up cold. COLD.

Anyway, I went to Bob Wards today to get some Maggots. No sucker meat. But....and I have never seen this in Bozeman before they had bags of frozen minnows, waxworms, maggots, nightcrawlers, and SQUID. I'm thinking squid saltwater how cool. Anyway, I bought some bait.


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