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Ballzdeep and the Eskimo Team


Be carefull out there. Jigmaster and Bozeiceman were fishing Hebgan with a good buddy aka. Ballzdeep, Ice was 10" thick on one side of the lake. We almost lost him on other side.  It was funny at the time, but had nightmares last night. No laughing matter. Be carefull out there!

I hope he's not AWOL again. We need him on TEAM MONTANA. Congrats on 20" fish I wish I was there. Georgetown Lake next.


--- Quote from: jigmaster5000 on Jan 08, 2007, 02:06 PM ---I'm picturing him snuggled up in his igloo with his muk-muks on.....

--- End quote ---
Ballzdeep in da house biiiaaatches.  This fisherman is no longer AWOL.  How was Georgetown Jiggmasta?  I appreciate all the cards and flowers i've received during the thawing process but the boys will be fine and ready to polar bear it again real soon.  "fishing is a condition of the mind wherein one cannot have a bad time." Zane Grey.  Bet he never fell thru the ice. HA.  Peace


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