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If anyone can catch it the Great Rockies Sportshow is going to be in Bozeman Jan 12-14 on MSU campus and in Billings Jan 19-21. This is a good time and your wife and kids will probably enjoy it too. They have a kids fishing pond, bunches of seminars, live animals (at least they did last year), and free trophy scoring. No head will be turned away from scoring. It's worth it just for the shed horns on display. :tipup:

If anyone is up in the Kalispell area on March 8-10. I will be at the Great Rockies Sports Show.  Stop by my booth, GEM Custom Fishing Rods, and say hi. I build rods of all types. We can yak about rods, fishing, or just the weather.  There was a pretty good show and turn out here last year and would like to meet more folks from the area. Hope to see you there.  Greg


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