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Way to Go Cats!!!

I won enough from all those poor griz die hard that I paid for all the minnows and smelt that I'm going to buy this year for ice fishing.  By the way, I haven't been out to Tiber yet but I've heard that the coves south of Lothair and Devon have got enough ice to get after the big ones.  I'll keep you guys updated on how it's going, but I know the best fishing down there is right after hunting season when the first ice goes on.  

If there are any Griz fans reading this.......POOR GRIZZZLLLIIIEEESSS.

You guys have all spent too much time on the ice.  Its affecting the way your thinking.  But, I guess if the Cats beat the Griz it would make for a good ice fishing season because Hell would have frozen over!   ;D


Way to go 'Cats on beating Furman!

Attended MSU from 1992-97 in CET.

Glad to see this cold weather, hope the ice on Tiber is forming.

Can't wait for "FLAG!!!!!!"


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