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Pike---Salmon or seeley?

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Hello all
I am interested in trying to catch pike on ice this year. have never attempted it. was wonder which lake is best of the two? also if your willing some general guidance on the lakes. hope everyone has a great year and stays safe!

Neither are good despite what FB says. Id look at any place other than these two places. What direction are you coming from?

wow really? coming from Helena.

you would  be better served by going  north of great falls.

Oh man, you are in a tough location to get to decent pike fishing. Flathead valley and Clark Fork corridor  is a long haul for you. I know I would never drive that far to fish Seeley or Salmon. I have a hard time recommending one over the other. Even on a good day 2-3 flags is a lot for either of those places, especially since you can only have a couple tip ups out. Seeley usually kicks out one or two big fish but its no Noxon or Tiber or Peck. Salmon gets hammered and not much goes back down the hole there even though both lakes have consumption warnings

Gotta agree with MT-Mike.


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