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I have had good success with trout using the Jawjacker for the last few years. Planning to focus more on pike this winter to mix it up. Should I stick with the tip-ups I have traditionally used for notherns or switch over to the jacker? Most if not all outings will be in northwest MT.

I like tipups for Pike. Typically they come in and grab the bait, run with it, sometimes before it's fully in their mouth. To use the Jawjacker, I'd think you would miss a few if this were to happen. Plus you'd have to find that point on the drag to get a good hookset and allow the fish to run as well.  :-\

tip ups are great for pike, but I have also caught many pike on jaw jacker without an issue.
love the jacker for perch and trout

How i do it..

If targeting Walleyes/Pike: I prefer to use tip ups.
If targeting trout/panfish/etc: I like to focus on using jaw jackers with a couple tip ups further away. 

Just starting out ice fishing: Tip ups
Already own enough tip ups and want to try something new: Jaw Jackers

Long story short, i use a mix of both. Jaw jackers closer to the shack and tip ups further away.

X2 with iceassin, one other thing to consider when using the JJ for Pike,  if allowed by law in MT is a quick strike rig to make sure the hook (s) find some jaw. Good luck and let us know how you make out.


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