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Fishing Devilís Lake with only myself

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Always talked about ice fishing Devilís Lake with my fishing partner.
Well, I lost him to his third wife (guess she has more to offer than me).
Still want to cross Devilís Lake off my bucket list.
Has anyone gone solo fishing there before?
Seems like the resorts are more geared for double occupancy at a minimum.
Contacted some of the resorts, waiting to hear back.
Can anyone give me some info out there if theyíve done the trip by themselves?
Just retired, so I can go anytime.

you can stay at 1 of hotels in town, I know some have indoor fish cleaning stations as well. I havent been there on my own before, always had 1 other person with, but if I had the time, I wouldnt hesitate to go on my own

Misery loves company

Dale I'm in the same Shanny  schedule for surgery after the first of the year have some free time would like to knock this Lake off my to-do list also

Booked a trip at Woodlands Resort.
Arriving Monday, February 6th,2022.
Fishing Tuesday thru Thursday.
Leaving the next day, Friday the 10th.
Could always use a partner.


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