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CANCELLED - March 23 meeting re new Georgetown Lake kokanee restrictions

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I thought maybe somebody had an educated opinion on the matter rather than a passive aggressive post that doesn’t even relate if you dont fish them. And do you really want to get into a dick swinging contest online about which species is harder to catch? Ps i fish all kinds and catching kokanee is usually harder for people than warm water species that bite more aggressively. Have a good day!

I have fished for them , and I found them easier to catch  than , crappie, bass,walleye

I have never been skunked fishing for trout or salmon, I have been skunked on the species I listed, I think everyone should fish for what they want , but you got a little assholy first ,I was just making a point sarcastically,yes I think fish needs to be regulated , but from the times I have gone after salmon once I found them I was always amazed how many I see on my flasher,I've seen them in 150 feet of water and pretty much 20 feet below the ice down to the bottom,


--- Quote from: oldschoolben on Mar 13, 2022, 03:17 PM ---I don't understand why people can't just keep whatever they catch, especially the big ones, I mean there's so many fish in the water and even the little ones will be giants some day,

--- End quote ---

That mentality has ruined the perch fishing on canyon ferry, Hauser and holter


--- Quote from: meandcuznalfy on Mar 17, 2022, 09:50 PM ---That mentality has ruined the perch fishing on canyon ferry, Hauser and holter

--- End quote ---
I agree ,that's why I tell nobody where I find the crappie


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