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Thought Iíd add my two cents-
I have a Helix 5 that I purchased for versatility. I use it on the transom on my Lund so I donít have to turn around to see the depth or speed when trolling. Use it on my ATV for GPS and marking tip ups in case of heavy snow, or blizzard like conditions. I have two extra power cables and one extra transducer plus an ice transducer. I use it on my canoe and kayak too and I see using it in the future for Fly in trips in Canada etc.

Iíll add one more thing I discovered to be true after reading other ideas. If you dam up a small area not much bigger than a transducer by glueing in a strip of foam or similar in your canoe stern. Put a few ounces of water in it then rest your transducer in it and youíll get depth readings just fine right through the hull. Beats having a transducer hung off the side in the way and exposed to getting damaged.


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