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Anybody getting ice yet?

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Sounds great to me!!!  I have been watching the thermometer every day and it is killing me. 

Even though weather has been warm we still have ice on the Hi-line.
Lower Beaver creek is a little iffy. I noticed that ice is thined out or melted away at the shore lines so be very careful when you step out. Last Tues. I found seven inches to be the average once you were away from the shallows.
Dry Fork a good eight inches seems solid. I bored 15 holes looking for Pearch and Northern on Thur (yesterday) Pretty uniform no matter where I drilled. The ice is melting up close to the stumps and brush that sticks up thorugh the ice. Again this warm weather has had it's effect on the ice.
I hear Fresno has eight to ten inches but again I haven't been out on it to check. I do hear that there are a number of spear fishing  shantys in place in some of the bays.
Above all be careful. Have fun!!

I got out today 12/16 at the Causeway on Hauser for a few hours.  There was 4-5 inches still and it was making more.  I didn't catch any but some guys that got there before me had some nice trout.  I took my 2 year old daughter so I wasn't on a serious trip. We still had fun although playing hide and seek in a portable shelter just isn't the same.

I was up on Lake Francis 12/4/06 and there was 6-7 inches of good hard ice. I don't know how it is now though with all the warm weather.

Stay on the dry side guys, and live to fish another day! ;D


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