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Anybody getting thier gear ready?

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Just got back from Billings.  No luck on finding maggots, waxworms or any other live bait, except crawlers.  Checked Scheels, Big Bear, Shiptons and Walmart.  Hopefully they will get a shipment in soon.  Also, some colder weather would be nice.  The guy at Scheels said they can't hardly keep the ice shantys in stock, as they are going out the door so fast.  They did have one of the Clam X2s out.  They look like the Cadillac of shantys, but are a bit heavy for me to load/unload and drag around.  If I had an ATV though  8).  Also a Yukon and 5600.  Prices are considerably higher than last year.

Check the big chain pet stores. They usually have waxies that they feed to the reptiles.

I just got back from Red.  MY gear was sitting there waiting.  Got the fever and made the 6 hour drive for the day.  My new fish trap guide is perfect for me.  Loaded up with all my gear, it was still easy to pull.  Need to figure out how to mount the power auger on the shanty (carried my hand auger).  The ice wasn't as thick as I thought it would be with all the cold weather and all up there.  The locals are starting to pull houses out about 1/2 mile out.  ATV and snowmobile travel can be used with caution.  Caught two wall eyes in the first 45 min. I was there. 6ft. water 1/4-1/2 mi. out.


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