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Favorite lake trout lure

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I an heading out to a place out in nh that has a lot of smallish Lakers and a few big ones tomorrow morning and I was wondering what I should tie on first. I have a bunch of minnows to tip stuff with and I might put one on a deadstick for maybe some smallies or hopefully my first iced lake trout. Right now I have a small tungsten on to maybe catch some rainbows if it is slow and on my bigger rod i have a maribou jig that I might tip with a minnow body or head. What do all of you like to drop for lake trout because I'm looking for ideas on what I should bring tomorrow

I always have a white tube jig tied on one rod. Swedish pimples or buckshot spoons would be my second and third options.

I've always been not picky so

Northland Mimic Minnow
Storm Wildeye Swim Shad or Live Shiner
Bucktail jigs or airplane jigs
Jigs with curly tail plastics

A variety of spoons I always have.
A variety of lipless cranks...

1. Venom Minnow Flash Tubes
2. Any smaller Swedish pimple tipped with a minnow tail. My buddy has had good luck with the  silver with green sticker or the all white.
3. zman diezel minnowz in either Pearl or Pearl Blue Glimmer

I find that small lakers hit best on just a minnow with a sinker.


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