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Ugly stik dock runner

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So my buddy showed me a 36Ē ugly stik dock rod and reel combo he got for $15.  Looking at it, Iím thinking these would be perfect (prob after replacing reel) as extra rods for lake trout. I have ice riggers I use instead of tip ups, and sometimes I have a friend or two out fishing with me, so I think a couple of these would be great to have on hand. Anyone have any experience with this rod? Iím also on the market for a rod to use specifically for lake trout, just need to see them in the stores before I buy.

guessing rods are good and reels are junk

I've used a bunch of different ugly sticks of the years with ice rigger and they work and get beat up on the ice. I good drag is important but the rod can take a beating.

I figured the reel on those are junk, but some you tube videos have some big fish being landed with the stock unit. I now wish my local dicks wasnít out of stock on okuma reels that are on clearance, at least their size 25. I know Iíll find decent replacement reels at a good price.

I use mine on a jawjacker and it works very good. Change the reel though


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