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Brown or landlocked salmon?

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So, here`s for the context.

The following was caught in the Gatineau river, here in western Quebec, about an hour north of Ottawa, Canada.

I didn't catch it, but saw this posted on a local facebook page. It is claimed that landlocked salmon were stocked in a reservoir several hundred KM`s away, and at one time in the river itself. From the Reservoir to the location near where the fish was caught, there are 2 hydro electric dams to cross. It is also claimed and verified by several sources that the Gatineau river was also stocked with brown trout, that no one has specifically targeted, or caught.

Just looking for a little ID info. Everyone claims it`s a landlocked salmon, but I`m leaning towards the Brown Trout side. It has similar colour to a great lakes brown, and body structure.

What say you men and women of the shanty, BROWN OR SALMON???


It looks like a seeforellen brown trout

FG Steve:
I say salmon.


And this from

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Salmon 100 percent. the spots are mostly above the lateral line, and the tail is slightly forked


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