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Golden Luther:
Any palces in Masssachusetts with cats?

onota's got em, mostly bullhead, need some strong line and rod that wont snap, even the little ones fight hard. look for muddy rivers to fish, ponds.. we usually fish for them at night is when we got the best luck. we caught bout 30 of em in one night in bout 2hrs at onota, just get ur worm to the bottom n wait till they start hittin, make sure to have strong hook on too, had one my hooks straighted by good 3lb cat. they sure taste good tho. whenever I go down south,ARK, to visit my gramp we fish for em mostly in the rivers, with nightcrawlers, cut up sucker,chicken livers, bluegill, shiners. normally run trot line n have a good fish fry end of the week.My biggest with rod/reel was 23lb from ILL, and 9lbs from onota.good luck when you go fish for em.. they are one hellova fight. also fish them days after it rains hard.

got this one in january on a tipup...2 lb 2 oz brown bullhead....central massachusetts pond, but definately wouldn't eat it...the pond is fed by a stream thats next to a landfill.  i got it weighed for a pin and released her!

caught this one two winters ago in the same exact spot as the one this was quite a bit larger than this years but i didnt know about the state awards program at the time

Those are some nice cats! I have always wanted to ice fish for them just never tried and wouldn't know where to start as far as gear, bait, etc, etc. Any tips would be great. Also are they good eats in the winter?


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