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what is the best way to catch a catfish through the ice? :tipup:

Zorros shack:
 :'( I don't think that many people icefish for catfish. :tipup:

I've caught a half-dozen bullheads on each of my last two outings....just fish minnows on tipups a few inches off the bottom.  If they're active & feeding, you'll catch them.

blue mule:
in my exp., certain lakes produce better than others. i know of only 2 lakes around here where you can target cats and actually have any degree of success. they're everywhere, but no one gets any, even by accident. when i fish these lakes, a minnow on a tip about 1-2 ft off the bottom works. i've caught them on waxies and minnows fishing for gills and crappies. find such a lake and you're all set. just have a good drag on your reel. hook one as long as your arm on your bluegill rig, and you'll know real soon it's not a bluegill. :woot: :woot: :woot:

Zorros shack:
 ::) Next time I go out ice fishing I'll get some minnows and fish a few inch. off the bottom and catch some catfish or as I call them Mr.Wiskers.Ha,Ha.


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