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Using a tip up for catfish?

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Has any one tried this? Did it work?

Whopper Stopper:
No reason they wouldn't work.


i tried it last weekend and got three flags, my problem was i wasn't paying terribly close attention, so i missed all three.

i'd advise on investing in some circle hooks, it seemed like they would pick it up, swim for about 10 yards or so, then drop it.

my rig was a heavy jig on on the bottom with two wide-gap hooks set above, with a foot between each. all baited with cutbait.

you might also try half a nightcrawler or a hook packed full of waxworms.

I've had pretty good luck using cut bait, circle hooks and the rubber band trick.  I fish a couple of feet off of the bottom and set it so they would run 3 or 4 feet before hitting the rubber band.

We've been doing well using night crawlers. Haven't been able to try anything else yet, but plan on doing so.

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