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A poll on tournaments

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Kind of a toughy cuz i love fishin tournaments. Each is different , I have fished C&R derbys and others where fish are hung to dry. Like pasquatch said,  I also think it depends alot on whats goin on in that lake. Some lakes have derbys to thin out certain populations to improve the lake as a whole.

I voted against ice-fishing tournaments.
Some of you may have read the My Rant thread that I started about the Trap Attack on a certain lake. This does not mean I am against all tourneys. I have in fact participated in many open-water tournaments which were C/R. On hard water the impact is just so much greater IMO, both on the fishery and the local situation. There are countless huge ice-fishing events across the nation that leave lakes stressed, littered, and un-fishable. The ruts, cracks, and slush make the ice almost impossible for weeks. I speak from first hand experience.
I am NOT targeting the IT. Most of them are decent guys, and a few are friends of mine.
That's all I'm going to contribute. Good luck with this thread.
I had to lock the one I that started...

On a side note- I did proudly enter the IS tourney. Ice it, take 2 pics, and bloop!
It's down the hole. It's a different type of thing.
The fish aren't swimming in a frigid bucket all day waiting to be weighed.

I myself like fishing derbys. I also like fishing for Lakers actually i love fishing lakers. one certain lake i fish has a minimum length entry size so that you dont get to many anglers bringing in just legal. fish  . If rules like these are established and derby sponsors do there homework on which lakes to put a hit on i think things would be okay.

I have more of a problem with some of the people that run them.
On a small lake I don't think it would be a good idea to take a lot of fish out of it,Especially the big ones.

depends......big party derbies like the crappie derby are really getting rediculous. just like the trap attacks
but there are really some well run derbies by local baitshops that are always a blast



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